Dark Forest
To. The. Forest. Of. Denial.

If she had to describe what she felt in that very moment - she would have had no words to do so. On the one hand, she felt light, lighter than she ever felt before, but on the other hand a heavy stone of sorrows pinched her breast. She kept that stone secret, like a jewel that was meant to be hidden from the world. But the weight of the stone was unimaginably huge. On some days, she almost couldn't bear it anymore. So what was she ought to do?

She did what she was used to - she took a bag, or anything, to hide the stone, and tried to bear the weight by trying to carry the stone in a different way.

And she managed it, like she used to, and nothing changed, noone noticed her as she nearly stumbled due to the weight she had with her.

But a small cut on her knee always reminded her, even when she was able to put that stone away for a while. She was never free, there wasn't a single moment in which she could sit back, relax and enjoy a painfree second, because right in that very moment when she should have been able to, her scar seemed to scream to bring up her memories again.

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